Step by Step Downloading and Installation Guide

Are you new to the Internet and a little unsure about what to do? Stick with us and we'll guide you through the process of downloading and installing SantaGPS on your PC. Just follow the steps below. If you have any trouble send us a message and we'll help.

Step 1 -- Download SantaGPS:
You will be downloading a file called santagps.exe. When you click on the link, your browser (Netscape, Explorer, etc.) will prompt to save the file (some browsers prompt you before the file is downloaded, some will prompt you after the fact). Important: Remember or write down where the file is saved (the Save As... will show you a default directory and allow you to select another if you like). The TRKSANTA.EXE file is not large (690K) and will download quickly.

Step 2 -- Install Tracking Santa:
Goto MyComputer or MyDocuments and Select the drive and directory (folder) where santagps.exe was saved in Step 1. Double Click on santagps.exe to install Tracking Santa.

The install program will setup the Tracking Santa program group and will clean up all of the setup files. 

Note to Vista users:  SantaGPS was written originally for Windows 3.1.  It has survived unscathed through numerous Windows upgrades.  Vista sometimes is picky about the directory where SantaGPS is installed.  If you have trouble with the installer, download the file and extract to the directory of your choice (then click trksanta.exe to start).  Also, in Vista, the Christmas Story doesn't display but you can read it here

Step 3 -- Run Tracking Santa:
Select Programs from the Start Button and select the Tracking Santa Group.

SantaGPS  will start with a Registration Banner to invite satisfied users to register and pay for the software.  SantaGPS is now FREE.  Just click the register button on this site for information. The program you have downloaded is a full working version of SantaGPS and we invite you to try it out, explore its features, and personalize it for your kids and your destination (under the Setup menu) before you show the children so you'll be prepared for the questions they will ask (where's Rudolph?, etc). We recommend you read the help file for detailed information and instructions. Occasionally a dialog box will pop up with a tip for using SantaGPS and will also invite you to register. This feature is only present in unregistered versions.

NOTE: The MIDI files included with SantaGPS are copyrighted by, and used with the permission of Split Infinity Music. There are some great Christmas MIDI collections on the Internet (Click here to get started). To use other MIDI files with SantaGPS simply copy the files into the directory containing SantaGPS then add them to the play list under the Setup-Song List option.

Step 3 -- Register SantaGPS:
Tracking Santa is converted into a registered version by selecting License and Registration under the Setup Menu and entering a User Name and License Code provided here.

Step 6 -- Apply the License Code:
Instructions for using the code will be included when the code is sent. The message is generated automatically by our order processing program. In the event you have difficulty with the code please let us know, we want you to be completely satisfied. If you are not completely satisfied, or we have not solved your concerns for whatever reasons please contact us at so we may address your comments or questions.