Installation Instructions

You may download SantaGPS (santagps.exe) to any directory.  Simply run santagps.exe after downloading to install. The setup program will prompt for a directory to install to (it will suggest C:\TRKSANTA).  All of the files are stored in the directory selected.  No entries are made in the registry.  To un-install, you can simply delete the directory. 

Note to Vista users:  SantaGPS was written originally for Windows 3.0.  It has survived unscathed through numerous Windows upgrades.  Vista sometimes is picky about the directory where SantaGPS is installed.  If you have trouble with the installer, download the file and extract to the directory of your choice (then click trksanta.exe to start).  Also, in Vista, the Christmas Story doesn't display but you can read it here

NOTE: After you install SantaGPS we recommend customizing the message file (under the Setup menu) to add personalized messages for your children.  Try out the program before you show them so you'll be prepared for the questions they will ask (where's Rudolph?, etc).

You can also customize the destination list and specify arrival times for selected destinations.

The MIDI files included with Tracking Santa are copyrighted by, and used with the permission of Split Infinity Music. There are some great Christmas MIDI collections on the Internet (Click here to get started). To use other MIDI files with Tracking Santa simply copy the files into the directory containing Tracking Santa then add them to the play list under the Setup-Song List menu option.

Merry Christmas!

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