Santa's Elves have had a tough time keeping up with jolly ol' St. Nick on Christmas Eve. Since Santa's sleigh is not big enough to hold all of the toys for his trip around the world, he frequently returns to the North Pole for a new load of presents. The Elves didn't know where Santa was or whether he was coming or going.

Now they use SantaGPS -- a sophisticated Global Positioning System (GPS). With this technology, the Elves always know where Santa is, how many homes he has visited, and when he is headed back to the North Pole for another load.

Santa's Elves

  • Software runs on your PC
  • Avoids disappointing Internet traffic jams on Christmas Eve
  • Completely Customizable for your Family (Messages, Destinations, etc.)
  • Multiple Tracking Views
  • Santa Sounds, Christmas Music, and more...
  • TUCows Ratingrating

SantaGPS has worked so well for them, the Elves thought Santa's other helpers might be interested in keeping track of the Big Guy too. Your kids will be THRILLED to watch Santa come their way on Christmas Eve!

Download SantaGPS now for a test run. It's easy to install and there is no obligation to buy.